Diana Newton

Daily Point of Light # 3639 Jan 15, 2008

Diana is the co-founder of the Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA). The SSFOA remembers, honors and assists the wounded of the Armed Forces in any way we can. They primarily provide Silver Star Banners and certificates to the wounded, and it is their prayer that every time someone sees a Banner in a window or a Silver Star Flag flying that they remember the blood shed for this great Nation.

Diana works tirelessly to make this happen. She has sent out over 1000 Banners and Certificates to wounded. She manages an organization that has grown from a few dedicated people to one of thousands across the country. Diana has gone more than the extra mile to send care packages for Christmas; flags to military and V.A. hospitals; organized a letter writing team to send cards and letters; started programs such as the Food Card program and Hand Held Game program to make the wounded's recovery easier.

Diana has made the Silver Stars a primary resource for PTSD information and help and has gotten the organization on the Board of Directors of the Veterans Administrations VAVS Committee.