Bryanna Odell

Daily Point of Light # 3640 Jan 16, 2008

Bryanna is a senior at Rosary High School. Bryanna has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and is the President of her troop consisting of 45 girls from 7 different high schools. Bryanna just earned her Girl Scout Gold Award in June by creating a Seatbelt Safety Program for teenagers.

In August of 2005, she and her family witnessed the aftermath of a single van rollover accident on Highway 40 just outside Needles, CA. Bryanna and her family were on their way to Lake Havasu for a family vacation. The accident killed four people including the father and youngest daughter in the family. Three were ejected because they were not wearing their seatbelts. Bryanna watched as her mother who is a paramedic and father who is a firefighter came to the aid of the family. As Bryanna watched helplessly for over three hours, she could not imagine not ever getting in a car without her seatbelt.

Just three days after her vacation, Bryanna came home to find out that a friend of hers in her Girl Scout troop had just been killed in an auto accident. She was thrown from her dad's car because she was not wearing her seatbelt. That summer motivated her to create a Seatbelt Program to remind everyone that they had a choice every time they got into a car. The choice was spend 2 seconds to put on your own buckle or get into an accident and get buckled by an ambulance or coroner. She developed a slogan, "The Car Shouldn't Start, Til You Cross Your Heart". She created a logo and designed bracelets. She then created a video that was shared at the local high schools during the Prom season.

Bryanna continues to serve in her community as a Junior Lifeguard, Girl Scout, Student Athletic Trainer and the "saver of lives". Bryanna annually volunteers over 250 hours to others and will be donating her time with the Red Cross for those devastated by the wildfires in Southern California.