Diane Kilbourne

Daily Point of Light # 5921 Jan 24, 2017

As president of the Stuart Educational Foundation for the past five years, Diane Kilbourne has provided inspiration and guidance to the Foundation, its board members, and the diverse students at Jeb Stuart High School who are dedicated to furthering their education and achieving success for their future.  During the ten years since the foundation was started, nearly $900,000 has been raised in the community, supporting more than 390 Stuart graduates.  Diane is now retired, but has a rich history as a volunteer and advocate for children as a board member for the Seven Corner’s Children’s Center. She is a past president of the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club — helping to raise money for local charities, and deliver food for the ACCA Food Pantry.

“Diane’s dedication to helping students–many of whom are ESL students–achieve their dream of post-secondary education is inspiring to community members who are donors, students who are recipients, and volunteers who ensure that young people can succeed,” said Penny Gross, supervisor for Mason District. “Diane works quietly behind the scenes, but her contributions truly make a difference in many lives.”  

Jia Gayles