Ron Fitzsimmons

Daily Point of Light # 5922 Jan 25, 2017

Ron Fitzsimmons grew up knowing the challenges many of our neediest families have in the Mount Vernon District because as a child he lived it himself. Four years ago he founded Alice’s Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children facing hardship with a bit of financial assistance. Children raised in poverty often try to hide this from their peers. If there is a lack of food and utilities at home, it is hard to pay for a new pair of shoes, a school field trip or a musical instrument. Alice’s Kids takes referrals from school staff, charitable organizations, government social workers and churches.  Through a totally anonymous process, Alice’s Kids, has provided many youngsters help paying for these relatively inexpensive items while preserving the dignity of the child. The credo of Alice’s Kids is, “We believe that a little help can go a long way.” 

“I feel that Ron’s story of helping the district’s children is best told through the children,” said Daniel G. Storck, supervisor of Mount Vernon District. “One letter of thanks reads,  ‘Without…Alice’s Kids, I would not have had the school supplies and many items– including a class ring–due to our lack of income. I have been able to successfully graduate high school and am looking forward to entering college to seek a degree that will hopefully lead to future success.’”

Jia Gayles