Dominic Goggin

Daily Point of Light # 5312 Sep 24, 2014

There may only 24 hours in the day in Greenville, Illinois, but Dominic Goggin’s schedule is filled with volunteer activities that address the needs of his community. Whether it be the Bond County Humane Society, Greenville Hospice, Meals on Wheels, or The Reading Link, Dominic finds time for all of these worthy causes. It’s incredible to think how one volunteer can give so much of their time … especially while maintaining a 4.0 GPA as a junior in college.

Dominic cares for as many as eight dogs at a time through his work with the Bond Humane Society. After delivering meals to twelve different individuals who cannot leave their homes, Dominic has formed lasting relationships by offering his friendship as well as a hearty meal. He also helps at the Reading Link, where he teaches any subject matter to adults wishing to further their education.

Dominic has also taken initiative at the Greenville Hospice by creating a marketing plan that has led to increases in patients and funding. Not only does he help with administering the hospice center’s website and general marketing strategies, he also gives patient care to multiple individuals each week.

Dominic juggles all of these activities while attending Greenville College, where he majors in chemistry, and hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon so he can help people through medicine. For now, his community is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated volunteer who makes every hour count.

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Dev Staff