Daily Point of Light # 2985 Jul 14, 2005

Don L. Rondeau is an asset to the Heart of America Quilt and the community at large. He has been a volunteer with the Heart of America Quilt since March 2004. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and positive attitude have been exceptional. Currently, he serves as our organization’s security advisor. Don works hard to provide the security for our events and to make sure all who take part are safe, along with the memorial itself.

Don’s work in the field of security has affected our country in a positive way. He works hard to bring together all walks of life for the security of all. He diligently spends his time working for our national security on a day-to-day basis with much effort to give back to his community in anyway possible, including his work with our organization in the focus of not only protecting it, but helping to create a sense of unity within our organization and with the public we serve to educate children on working together to solve problems in their community. Don’s belief of giving is in his pride of a person, the great return of the larger picture, the betterment of our community and country.

In addition to providing the Heart of America Quilt so much time and dedication, Don has worked as board member of Africa Mix International Charities (African relief) and was recently recognized as Homeland Security Executive of the year 2004. His accomplishment was recognized by former DHS Secretary, Tom Ridge. He also served on the county partnership advisor board against hate crime and violence. He is not one to support ‘accepting being a victim.’ He is proud to have educated a few on how not to let hate and fear stop them from embracing all that America has to offer.

One of Don’s noted accomplishments that has gone without recognition was during the siege on the DC Metro Sniper, he lead a patrol of citizens throughout Aspen Hill, Maryland. He knocked on doors of complete strangers asking them to patrol with him. His neighbors and himself patrolled a stretch were three people were killed. They wanted to make sure that the kids felt safe going to school. They were black, white, Jewish, gentile, Hispanic, young and old. One neighbor who since has passed shed tears at the sight of this “young black man leading this multi cultural brigade.” The neighbor could not walk with them as he was having kidney trouble but he said he would pray.

The recent release of his book was just another reason for Don to give more, including a donation from the proceeds. Don’s altruism is amazing and he clearly demonstrates that an individual’s actions can make a huge difference in our country. Don is a father, husband, executive, volunteer and outstanding member of our community and country.