Donna Crnovich

Daily Point of Light # 1308 Feb 8, 1999

For the past eight years, Donna Crnovich has dedicated her life to making sure the youth of today become respectable, outstanding citizens. She has implemented a wide variety of programs in the Greater Milwaukee area, exposing students to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Although her main focus lies with National Honor Society students, she also encourages other students to participate in her planned activities throughout the year.

Ms. Crnovich arranges many events, including the Holiday Sharing Program, where donations of goods and money, organized by National Honors Society students at Greenfield High School, supply approximately 70 community families with food and presents during the month of December. Ms. Crnovich also has a stuffed animal drive, to provide a local hospital with a year's worth of stuffed animals for hospitalized children. She is also the sponsor and supervisor of "community bands concerts" which features high school students with their own bands. She feels that all students need a forum to share their talents.

In addition, Ms. Crnovich started Senior Bingo Night. One night each week, students play Bingo with seniors, which fosters healthy relationships between the seniors and students as the seniors share their life lessons and wisdom.