Donneth Wedderburn

Daily Point of Light # 4579 Aug 25, 2011

Donneth Wedderburn is a special person because of her selflessness. Even though she has her own family struggles, she continues to look out for the welfare of the disadvantaged and underserved men, women and children who reach out for help on a daily basis. Throughout all the difficulties and setbacks that her family has faced, she remains a steadfast advocate of everyone who is hurting and needing help.

Donneth founded Family & Friends Connection, Inc in 2006. She was concerned about the needs of marginalized families and wanted to provide a way for them to get much needed services to help enhance their lives. As an ordained Minister she is very dedicated, humble and spiritual and is passionate about doing good.

The Family & Friends Connection is a community outreach organization to step in where governmental and county services fall short. Community professionals in all disciplines volunteer to provide information and service to support social, physical, spiritual, mental health, educational aspirations, quest for happiness and fulfillment, hopes and dreams for self and families. Family & Friends Connection is an all volunteer organization. Every staff member voluntarily gives their time to make the organization a success and be able to meet the needs of all who call for assistance.

The members of the organization and the officers in particular help to energize and provide hope to many who were hopeless. More depressed people are revamping their attitudes and sharing more openly their struggles and finding solutions from the partnerships that FFC has with the different community partners. Many people have become empowered to go out to find jobs. A number of hopeless callers have been encouraged back from the brink of suicide. People know that there is an organization that cares and does not judge their due to their unfortunate circumstances.

One major undertaking that Donneth did was to start a local radio program to help dissiminate more information to the various communities. This radio program broadcasts live on wavs1170am on Thursdays from 10pm-11pm. This medium allows community professionals, who volunteer to share their professional expertise with the community and the rest of the via the internet at

Under the guidance of Donneth, the Family & Friends Connection now address the the need for housing through collaboration with different non-profit and governmental housing agencies, employment through workforce empowerment especially with Workforce one, after school care and tutoring and providing information to the disadvantaged and the underserved through conferences, radio programs, workshops and seminars. Donneth is fulfilling her mission because she refuses to be selfish. She has assembled a great team of unselfish professionals who are also passionate about helping to make community life better for everyone who asks for help.