Tim Jones

Daily Point of Light # 4580 Aug 26, 2011

The Savannah area struggles with an unusually low high school graduation rate as well as high rates of juvenile delinquency. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Coastal Empire organization works hard to combat these issues by supplying positive role models for youth in the community. This organization is a donor and volunteer supported mentoring program for youth, providing needed support to fostering growth. Through professionally supported one-to-one relationships youth ages 6-16 are paired with community mentors. The volunteer mentors make positive differences in the lives of children by promoting their self-esteem, expanding their awareness of life’s opportunities, and providing them with guidance and support through long-term, one-to-one support. Many of these mentors report moments where they get back as much as they give.

Tim Jones is one of these extraordinary mentors who is a role model to a fifteen year-old young man named Tyler. Since May of 2010 Tim has helped Tyler in his struggle with academics and social skills. They meet at least twice a month and Tim has positively impacted Tyler’s social skills and Tyler’s grades have improved to C’s and B’s. They enjoy activities such as tennis, swimming, visiting local attractions and eating meals together.

Tim is an exceptional person who can always be counted upon to go above and beyond what is expected of him as a Big Brother. Tyler’s mother had difficulty understanding the school officials language when she attended a parent-teacher conference to discuss Tyler’s academics and invited Tim to join her for the next time. Tim was able to not only serve as an advocate for his mentee, but also strengthen his own work with Tyler.

Tim is one of the many who are giving themselves for the better of their community and for the better of others. Because of mentors like Tim, Savannah youth are given the attention and support they need for positive growth.