Daily Point of Light # 2284 Nov 5, 2002

Doris Fedus has volunteered with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for 27 continuous years with several social service organizations. After retiring from teaching kindergartners at Rosedale Elementary School on May 24, 1974, Fedus decided to continue to contribute to society. She volunteers about 107 hours per month at several agencies in Emmet County. She has been involved in community service in every neighborhood where she has lived.

Because of her dedicated commitment to the community, Fedus has been honored on numerous occasions. One of the many prestigious awards that she has received was the 1988 Livonia Mother of the Year. She has also been awarded the Golden Oldie Award in 1994 from the Metropolitan Detroit Heritage Club.

Doris Fedus is now 90 years old and is still full of energy. Some days you may see her at the RSVP Friendship Center where she is acting as a ray of sunshine to many who do not get visits often. The RSVP of Wayne County say they cannot begin to count the number of lives Fedus has touched during the past 27 years, but they can estimate her hours of service. They estimate her as giving 37,908 hours of love to the community, which saves the various nonprofit organizations at least $265,300 in labor.