Doug Clott

Daily Point of Light # 5124 Jan 3, 2014

Over the past ten years, Doug Clott has spent countless hours as the president of Newton Girls Softball, a non-profit organization committed to providing all girls who reside in Newton, Massachusetts or attend Newton Public Schools with an experience in softball that fosters positive self-esteem, team spirit, and individual growth through personal achievement and as a team member.

Clott ensures the organization provides fair and balanced teams where each girl has an opportunity to play regardless of skill level. Winning is a distant second. The primary focus is building the esteem, confidence and friendship of young girls. Clott carefully selects coaches and board members who understand the mission of the league.

Through the years, Clott has dedicated an immeasurable amount of time to the organization. He has brought integrity to the league. Clott divides players according to talent so everyone has a good experience. Additionally, he volunteers his Sunday evenings teaching players how to pitch. His only reward is seeing the transformation of girls with low self-esteem into confident softball players.

Clott has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of young girls. These girls go out into the community with positive attitudes and confidence affecting many other young girls. Through these girls, Clott’s actions grow exponentially.

Dev Staff