Graham Bland

Daily Point of Light # 5125 Jan 6, 2014

Every Tuesday morning, volunteers at Grace Church United Methodist in Greensboro, North Carolina serve an average of 150 people hot breakfast.

Since June 2013, Graham Bland has served as a breakfast volunteer for the hungry each Tuesday morning at 7a.m. During the summer and throughout the school year, when others slept in, Bland has been there without fail before school starts to help feed the hungry. Every Tuesday morning, Bland stacks cups and provides coffee to the hungry. His fellow volunteers think his commitment is amazing.

Bland has fallen in love with the mission to serve the hungry so that they can start their days with enough energy to get ahead in their search for jobs. Additionally, he is an aspiring magician who shares card tricks with the group while they wait for breakfast.

Bland is an example to the other youth and adults in the church community, but mainly he is a faithful presence and has developed friendships with many of the homeless and hungry breakfast guests.

Dev Staff