DPOL -Carry the Future

Daily Point of Light # 5787 Jul 20, 2016

It was a three-year-old boy named Alan Kurdi that changed it all. In an attempt to flee  Syria amid civil unrest, Alan and his family sought a better, much safer life. Unfortunately that life never came.
While the Kurdi family traveled in search of refuge, along that journey Alan drowned. His lifeless body was found on the beach off the Mediterranean sea. Though his death undoubtedly raised numerous questions, it also raised one big answer – the 'Carry the Future’ movement.
News of Alan's death quickly spread around the world, eventually reaching Cristal Logothetis in California. Shocked and saddened by what she saw, she decided to do something. On September 15, 2015, ‘Carry the Future’ was born.
‘Carry the Future’ is a 100% volunteer ran organization that is focused on providing baby carriers for refugees all over the world. Traveling hundreds of miles by foot, baby carriers become imperative to the livelihood of children.
“Within two weeks Cristal’s campaign made national headline news,” said Pia Finkell, Carry the Future’s Public Relations Coordinator. “Her online fundraiser collected over 700% of her funding goal, and within 30 days she raised $42,000 and received over 3,000 donated baby carriers.”
‘Carry the Future’ was an immediate success. Now, supported by over 5,000 volunteers in four different continents, their success continues to grow.
Along with wearable baby carriers, they also help with other resources.
“Carry the Future also provides baby boxes, a safe place for a baby to sleep, filled with essential survival items for newborn babies and mothers,” added Finkell.
The journey to refuge is daunting, tiresome. Many of these people have no clue what the next day may bring. In situations like these, plagued by uncertainty and fear, it is the people at ‘Carry The Future’ that give hope for a better tomorrow.

Dev Staff