Daily Point of Light # 2649 Mar 31, 2004

Dr. Reisz has volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS) of Morgan County for almost four years. He has been matched with Bryan Gomaz for the entire time. Matches with BBBS usually only last one or two years at most, so this in itself is a great accomplishment.

Bryan lives with his grandmother. His father is in jail in another state. Bran’s grandmother says that Dr. Reisz has been a godsend for Bryan. Bryan looks to him like a father figure and Dr. Reisz talks to Bryan like a father would. Dr. Reisz and his family welcomed Bryan with open arms. He and his wife have two sons in college and when they are home, they always spend time with Bryan. They get together every week for at least 3 ½ hours. Dr. Reisz and his wife invite Bryan for supper at least once a month and Dr. Reisz attends all of Bryan’s school functions, birthday parties and Christmas gatherings.

Some of the activities that Bryan and Dr. Reisz do include going fishing, bowling, hiking, camping, playing with the computer and putting model cars together. Besides doing “fun things,” Dr. Reisz is also available to help Bryan with his homework and do other “fatherly” things. He has taught Bryan how to throw a baseball and football and Bryan’s grandmother says that they could not ask for a better Big Brother. Dr. Reisz and Bryan attend nearly all of the activities that BBBS of Morgan County has, including the Easter Egg hunts, Christmas skating party and summer swimming party.