Daily Point of Light # 2382 Mar 21, 2003

For 20 years, Putnam City Care…Share has had a dedicated, loyal and hard-working sponsor, Ed Londagin. Londagin owns a small hair salon, but he is making a big difference for Putnam City children in need.

Londagin said he identifies with the children of Putnam City Care… Share. He was one of them growing up. He wanted to know and experience someone loving and caring in a hurtful world. He is pleased to provide that to other children in hopes it will change their life. Clients come in and talk while they are getting their hair and nails done. With the one-on-one conversation that goes on, there is an excellent opportunity to share various service projects with clients and solicit support.

Londagin has changed the lives of young children for more than 20 years. Londagin has provided free back to school hair cuts. During the Thanksgiving holiday season, he helps provide Thanksgiving dinner in addition to a one-month food supply for those in need. He also gives generous financial support by buying hundreds of pairs of new shoes.

Not only does Londagin spend his time and resources for the children of Putnam, but he solicits other styling salons to adopt the same philosophy. His goal is to have the children that may be forgotten in Putnam cared for at Christmas by his service and the other salons.

Thousands of children have been provided for due to Londagin. They have felt the warmth of someone caring and the encouragement to continue on and set goals for life. Londagin epitomizes the words volunteer and servant as he puts the needs of others over his own problems and concerns. He shares of himself daily without a thought; it is second nature to him to give. Because of his love and compassion, the Putnam City School District honored Londagin with the Golden Apple Award. This is the highest honor to be bestowed upon an individual for their dedication to the children of Putnam.