Edmund Brown

Daily Point of Light # 1305 Feb 3, 1999

Since 1993, Edmund Brown has served as Community Involvement Director for Wal-Mart store #2139 in Lynn, MA. He encourages others in the Wal-Mart family to volunteer using the V.A.P. (Volunteerism Always Pays) program. Mr. Brown primarily works during the day hours, but he is often called upon during off hours to participate in volunteer events. He was instrumental in helping the new Wal-Mart store #2640 replicate the Community Involvement Program in their store.

The Mayor of Lynn appointed Mr. Brown to be on the board of the Council on Aging eight months ago. He organized Bingo at Wal-Mart weekly for the senior citizens and raises money for their Christmas gifts. Through his fundraising efforts 100 economically disadvantaged senior citizens received a Christmas gift last year. Mr. Brown also attends the Council on Aging's board meetings once a month and he is on the Nominating Committee for new board member elections.

Mr. Brown is also a board member for the Cultural Minority Center (C.M.C.) His involvement there ties in closely with Wal-Mart's goal to build strong relationships with various minority groups. Mr. Brown developed computer training programs in Spanish and teaches financial planning workshops. C.M.C participants benefit from Mr. Brown's service by gaining an increased understanding of their roles, job and vocational training, and skills development.

Furthermore, Mr. Brown is currently on the Lynn Cultural Arts Center and Community Brotherhood boards, and actively works with organizations such as C.O.P.E., Salvation Army, S.C.O.P.E., which all provide assistance for people in the transition of coming into the mainstream of life. He reviews applications for bonus grants and educational scholarships, finding judges to choose recipients of the scholarships, and does various fundraising for The Boys Inc. and The Boys/Girls Club.

Mr. Brown received The District Associate of the Month Award for November of 1997, chosen out of 2,500 associates at Wal-Mart, and has received awards presented by the Lynn Housing Authority and Council on Aging for his volunteer and citizen contributions.