The Hospitality Business Alliance

Daily Point of Light # 1304 Feb 2, 1999

The Hospitality Business Alliance—an Education Partnership of the National Restaurant Association and the American Hotel and Motel Association—is a key sponsor and active partner in National Groundhog Job Shadow Day 1999, an initiative that gives students a chance to see how the skills they learn in school are used in the workplace. They have given endlessly of their time and made the largest financial commitment of any industry.

For Groundhog Job Shadow Day 1998, the Hospitality Business Alliance began an active partnership on this initiative. Hundreds of students were mobilized in Florida, Georgia and Illinois. More than a dozen trade and consumer publications reported on the innovative activity of the hospitality industry.

For Groundhog Job Shadow Day 1999, the hospitality industry has mobilized thousands of hotels and restaurants in 49 states to open their doors to America's youth. This is an incredible increase in participation in only one year. This $440 billion industry is the largest private sector employer in America.

Herman Cain, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, is the primary spokesperson for the initiative and joined General Colin Powell in calling for 500,000 matches this year. Mr. Cain has taken every opportunity to mobilize businesses in every sector of our economy (not just the hospitality industry) to participate in Groundhog Job Shadow Day 1999.

The commitment of the Hospitality Business Alliance in gaining support of local and state associations, as well as individual businesses, will be instrumental in assuring that the coalition reaches its goal of 500,000 participants.