Edward Shiinoki

Daily Point of Light # 4596 Sep 19, 2011

Edward (Ed) Shiinoki is a volunteer who works in the Division of Interpretation at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Although he is 67 years old, Ed has the energy of a 20 year old and has been working with the National Park for about two years.
One of Ed’s volunteer roles includes directly helping with planning large interpretive trainings that are held every three months. Every three months volunteers travel to Hawaii, where Ed picks them up at the airport, greets them, and makes sure they have everything they need for their first night in their dorm. On his weekends he takes them out on tours of the island and gets them affiliated with the resources and where to find them. He also helps put together their training manuals, gets them acquainted with daily functions of the visitor center, and is available to them for any needs they may have.
You can also find Ed helping with maintenance, creating new trails in the park with signage and directions, and assisting cultural demonstrations.
Although Ed’s permanent home is off island, he has a house on island so he will stay for weeks at a time and volunteer for 15 to 20 days straight without a break. He comes early and often stays late at night working on whatever projects his supervisor or someone else gives him. When Ed is not volunteering in the National Park, he serves as a care giver for his wife’s parents near his home on Oahu Island, Hawaii.
Ed’s service to the National Park Service through training, giving tours, cultural demonstrations and maintenance as well as his care for his in-laws is what makes him a Daily Point of Light.