Stacie Blake

Daily Point of Light # 4595 Sep 16, 2011

Stacie Blake is a volunteer for Community Tampa Bay, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting dialogue and respect among all cultures, religions, and races, through education, advocacy and conflict mediation.
The organization envisions a community free from discrimination, in which every individual is treated with dignity and respect. As a mission-driven and volunteer-driven organization, Community Tampa Bay has more than 200 talented individuals, representing constituencies of various racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and religious groups. Members volunteer their time, talent and expertise, dedicating more than 9,000 hours of their time every year valued at $192,240 each year. Community Tampa Bay believes that it can improve its community – one person at a time.
The award winning program ANYTOWN™, celebrating its 20 year anniversary is the oldest of the Community Tampa Bay’s programming. ANYTOWN™ is a youth leadership and diversity awareness program that empowers diverse groups of young people to create more inclusive and just schools and communities, where all individuals are treated with respect and understanding. It equips students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to become role models, leaders and advocates for inclusion in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. Community Tampa Bay helps them become bridge-builders between different communities.
Once youth have graduated from the program, Pinellas County students are invited to join Facilitating the Leadership of Youth (FLY), addressing issues of concern to teens with youth led community summits in Pinellas; while Hillsborough County students join Hillsborough Youth Collaborative (HYC), promoting youth voice and inclusion through civic engagement and HYC Radio. All graduates are invited to attend the Be Intentional Institute, four workshops a year that develops skills, attitudes, and behaviors to exemplify and model a community free from discrimination in which every individual is treated with dignity and respect.
Community Tampa Bay™ is unique because it promotes genuine interactions amongst racial, ethnic, gender, and social lines. The organization promotes in depth dialogue about multiple levels of culture, identity, diversity, and inclusion. Members seek to create a safe environment for dialogues, cross-cultural interactions and a true understanding of diversity in relation to the community. It is because of the time Stacie has spent volunteering with Community Tampa Bay that she is a Daily Point of Light.