Elizabeth Fowler

Daily Point of Light # 5751 May 31, 2016

The importance of fund raising should never be underestimated. Whether it’s just two dollars or 2,000 dollars, every cent counts.

For over 10 years Elizabeth Fowler has been the Fund Raising Queen for the Little Country Schoolhouse. Located in Clarksville, TN, the Little Country Schoolhouse host a Trike-A-Thon each year, teaching daycare and preschoolers trike and riding safety, as well as taking donations in support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

It is Fowler’s commitment that keeps the St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon thriving. As the volunteer coordinator she is responsible for planning and organizing local events. Under her guidance, the Trike-A-Thon has never been more successful.

Before Fowler’s involvement, the Trike-A-Thon would be an all-day event, raising upwards of $2,000 a year. In the past 11 years since Fowler joined the Little Country Schoolhouse, the Trike-A-Thon has turned into a week-long festivity, with fund raising efforts topping $20,000 just last year alone.

Fowler has helped transform the Trike-A-Thon into a total community affair. Whether it’s bingo night or a silent auction, Fowler helped bring a greater level of enthusiasm to the Little Country Schoolhouse and the community. This not only resulted into larger fund raising efforts, but also served as a selfless lesson for many of the young children involved.

With so many children suffering from cancer and other sicknesses, the efforts of Fowler and those like her is much needed. For all the great work St. Jude does, little will be possible if the funding was not present.

Together, Fowler and the Little Country Schoolhouse community helped raise well over $130,000 in total for St. Jude. She has shown that fund raising accompanied with a unified community, anything is possible. Whether it’s a preschooler or an adult, we all have the power to change lives one dollar at a time.

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Dev Staff