Ellen Dean

Daily Point of Light # 3949 Mar 24, 2009

Ellen Dean addresses the need to educate new generations of children in the age old use for books, opening their minds to another way of learning that does not include television or computers. She helps them sharpen their reading skills therefore indirectly helping them overall in the whole school experience, which will benefit them as they grow older and advance through each grade.

Ellen is the Arizona Program Coordinator for Book PALS, a charity for promoting literacy in schools formed by the Screen Actors Guild. She gives generously of her time by fundraising, training new volunteers and placing readers in disadvantaged school districts.

Countless children have been changed by hearing a book read in class in such a way that their attentions are held and they seek these books to read them for themselves. Something which may have never happened if Ellen had not diligently searched for former teachers, actors and others to go into these classes and reach these students with compassion and a love for the written word.