Zach and Thomas Eller

Daily Point of Light # 3950 Mar 25, 2009

This is story is about Zach and Thomas Ellers’ volunteer work:

“We have always loved animals and have gotten dog food for our birthdays instead of presents. We started volunteering for a pet rescue organization and wanted to do more, so we baked dog biscuits. We sold them at the pet adoptions and gave the money to help with fostering expenses. From there, our business grew and we have been able to donate almost $8,000 to pet rescue.

We have always wanted to help homeless pets. It is something we have always done and plan on teaching our own kids how to bake our dog biscuits.

We are trying to help save some of the 6-8 million homeless pets in shelters in the U.S. We baked 3,000 biscuits this past summer to get ready for two big events we attended this past fall.

We are planning to attend more events next year to try to make even more money for the homeless pets. We have a website, Woof ‘Em Down Dog Biscuits, where people can place orders.

We have some youth volunteers that help us bake and they are as happy about helping homeless pets as we are. We couldn't do it without them. Today, as I write this, my little cousins are in Charleston, SC selling biscuits at their school Holiday Festival. They have decided to donate their money to Greyhound Rescue. They said they wanted to follow in our footsteps and we are very proud of them for wanting to do this. They are in kindergarten and 2nd grade and already see that there is a need for homeless pets to be rescued.

My brother says, "It isn't how small you are, but how big your heart is." We are always trying to get more young people to volunteer because it feels so good to be part of the solution to the homeless pet problem.”