Daily Point of Light # 2388 Apr 1, 2003

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee community involvement program has developed into an ongoing collaboration with the Volunteer Center of Passaic County that will allow employees to volunteer one day per month at a Passaic County agency. The Volunteer Center of Passaic County has worked with the organization’s Human Resource Supervisor, Janice Lomartire, to develop a comprehensive, hands-on volunteer program. The partnership was founded to meet the needs of Passaic County. Both entities look for the community’s needs and focus on a variety of community involvement.

One of the community projects that the employees participated in was traveling to a local day care center and reading to children. The volunteers rolled up their sleeves and worked with the students in small groups so all children would develop a love for reading. Hands on activities were enjoyed, imaginations stretched, sound repetition exercises were performed and cognitive listening skills were developed. Many of the students do not receive the reinforcement of a parent reading to them at home, and unfortunately many do not even own their own books. Because of this, the time with the volunteers was so important to the children.

To meet the goals of the “No child should be left behind” initiative, that every child be able to read at the proper reading levels by third grade, corporations need to be committed to this mission.

The Employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car are supported by their administration of Enterprise Rent-A-Car because of the company’s overall commitment to serving the communities where they do business.

In addition to the above community efforts, the employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car have also donated their time and service to a local soup kitchen. They have donated toys to a local agency for the holidays and also held a food drive for the area food pantry, preparing food for those in need. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Employee volunteers are at the forefront of demonstrating that everyone can and should give back to the community. They are leading by example and hope that other corporations in the area will follow.