Daily Point of Light # 2193 Jul 1, 2002

Eric Wolfe helps others on the local, state and national levels through service as a member in the 4-H program. Specifically, he has been on the Indiana 4-H Foundation Board of Directors for two years as the Junior Leader Representative. While on the board, Eric has served on the Allocations, 4-H License Plate, and Indiana Congress Committees. The Allocations Committee decides what state 4-H programs are to be funded. The 4-H License Plate Committee promotes the sale of the new 4-H license plate to help fund programs that will teach youth vital life skills. The Indiana Congress Committee plans and organizes the annual Indiana 4-H Congress scholarship presentation, Junior Leader programs, and banquet to recognize outstanding youth accomplishments. He has also been a member of the Foundation’s Speaker’s Bureau, which is a small group of people who tour the state, speaking for the 4-H program and the Indiana 4-H Foundation.

Along with being a 4-H advocate, Eric has been the Master of Ceremonies for the Indiana 4-H Round Up, Area Five Share the Fun Contest, and the 1998 and 1999 Indiana 4-H Congresses. He has served on the State Junior Leader Council, which develops a leadership conference for all Junior Leaders in the state to attend. The conference is one week annually, and it demonstrates to young people how they can improve their community through service. He has taken an active role in this by actually teaching classes at the conference. He has also been an Indiana delegate to the National 4-H Congress, which builds leadership skills and does networking with the best 4-Hers in the United States and Puerto Rico. Along with these many prestigious titles and service works, he has been a delegate to many state 4-H events, representing all of the youth in his community.

Eric has given thousands of hours of volunteer service to the 4-H program and his local community throughout his 4-H career and involvement in other service groups. He improves the lives of all the young men and women who come through anyone of the state events that he has helped to make possible. These programs that he is involved in teach leadership, citizenship, and so many other life skills to youth that may not otherwise have the chance to learn these life-long assets.

Eric acts as a youth advocate setting an example of leadership for every other young person that he comes in contact with. He gives American youth an alternative to the many negative situations that they may become involved in. The governor has recognized him for outstanding 4-H leadership. The 4-H programs that Eric is involved with provide ways for hundreds of people to come together to achieve the common goal of service to their country. Most of the programs are also annual programs that have been going strong and will continue to do so. He has given so much time to these fantastic programs that promote youth learning life skills and participating in service. He has also taken his service to another level by becoming an AmeriCorps member.

Wolfe has served on the national level as the Administrative Coordinator for the National 4-H Youth Directions council, where he coordinated youth and adult partnerships within the national 4-H system and championed the youth voice on the national, state and local levels of the program. he served as the emcee during the National Power of Youth Ceremony at the National Conversation on Youth Development held in Washington DC this past February. Eric has served on such national groups as the National 4-H Strategic Directions Team, National 4-H Leadership Trust and Centennial Initiatives Coordinating Committee.

Eric Wolfe has also finished an entire year as an AmeriCorps member in Clay County, Indianna as the Cooridnator of the Youth As Resources program, where he established a board of directors and managed the program that issues grants to groups of youth to conduct community service projects that address community needs. The Youth As Resources program that Eric reorganized is still in existence at the YMCA of Clay County in Brazil, Indianna.