Florida Hospital of DeLand

Daily Point of Light # 3889 Dec 30, 2008

Florida Hospital of DeLand adopts the neediest families at Christmas time each year at the House Next Door.

The entire staff of the hospital participates in the monumental undertaking of this program. The hospital receives a wish list for items such as clothing, bed and bedding, household items such as pots and pans, and of course toys, games books and bikes for children. After all the gifts have been purchased they are blessed at a special service at Florida Hospital of DeLand by the CEO, Daryle Tol.

Parents become overwhelmed with joy when they realize they are going to be able to provide amazing gifts for their children as well as meeting basic family needs. After this program became successful the hospital volunteered to do a food drive which began the Adopt-a-Family Program. Because most food drives are during holidays, the hospital and the House Next Door came together to create a food drive in an off season like spring in addition to the Christmas program.

The relationship between Florida Hospital of DeLand and the House Next Door is a true community partnership; both organizations are committed to families in the community. Each person in every department at the hospital makes dreams come true for the neediest in our community and they truly give a gift beyond words.