Daily Point of Light # 3888 Dec 29, 2008

Buckmasters has dedicated 21 years of service to help make dreams come true for children and adults with serious illnesses who do not have a bright future ahead of them.

Buckmasters focuses on providing one last hunting opportunity for the seriously ill. By using their resources and associations with Southern Sportsmen’s Lodge and notable personalities like Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Chestnut, seriously ill children and adults have been able to fulfill their dream to hunt.

Buckmasters is a company that sees the value of helping their fellow man by giving back to the community in various areas. In addition to granting wishes, the company supports the Christmas Clearing House. The past two years employees have opened their hearts and pocket books and raised money for two special families. As an added incentive, President Lewis Figh, with his very generous loving spirit, pledged to match every dollar collected from employees—which doubled the blessings they were able to share with adopted families.

To get the employees out of the office and on their feet, Buckmasters puts the challenge to the test again to help raise money for the cure for diabetes. In addition, the organization had made a personal mission to begin participating with the breast cancer walk. They have also begun to collect shredded paper to provide beds for the local Humane Shelter. Buckmasters is most charitable in providing fundraising and auction items to an endless number of local organizations from Saint James School to the Junior League of Montgomery.

From helping to fulfill the dreams of someone who wants just a few hours of forgetting the pain they are in to helping the community to help raise money for a worthy cause, Buckmasters is there. They are more than just a hunting organization; they are a company with compassion!