Daily Point of Light # 3887 Dec 26, 2008

Jack Dautel has been a faithful volunteer with the Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) program for more than 12 years. He has served as Treasurere, board chariman and has put in countless hours of his time to make sure the organization runs smoothly.

AIM was in need of better structure, and Jack stepped up to the plate so the organization is running smoothly, more efficiently and able to work towards its mission.

When Jack came to AIM as treasurer, the finances were in disarray.  Jack took on the enormous task of settling the organization's debt with them. Not many people could have negotiated a settlement in the skillful way that Jack did. Without his help, the organization might have failed.

Not only did he fix the problems with the accounts, he stepped in to help make work environment better. The offices were shabby and in poor condition—Jack helped paint the office. Wherever there was carpentry to be done around the office, Jack brought in his tools and got to work. He took staff to lunch at Christmas time and his wife brought them small gifts of encouragement.

Since that time he has become a core member of the Board of Directors. As Board Chairman, he led the organization for three years as they began to expand. He attended meetings with grantors and took responsibility for submitting financial reports each month. He has assisted the Executive Committee in developing a budget every year.

In addition he balanced the bank account every month and saw to it that we had a line of credit in case it was needed. He continues to do the payroll, and helped rewrite financial policies.

Without Jack Dautel, AIM would not be as successful an agency as it is today, Much of the work that Jack has done has been behind the scenes—but the work that he has done for AIM is invaluable. When Jack commits to helping he means it—and you can be sure he will go above and beyond the call of duty. He is truly a man of his word, and a man who “walks the walk”.

In addition to his dedication to AIM, Jack is also a faithful member of First United Methodist Church of Montgomery where he volunteers his time and resources to the Missions Society and the Society Work Areas. He provides leadership through Care Construction projects, Habitat for Humanity and their annual Great Day of Service.

Dev Staff