Daily Point of Light # 2852 Jan 10, 2005

Fourteen Pines Neighborhood Networks Kids Club is unique because it is not about kids alone. It is about community, neighbors and open to all ages.

The wonderful programs and the affect they are having on the community can only be attributed to the people living here at Fourteen Pines. It has taken time, but this has become a self-sustaining community. All the programs and programming is done by the community volunteers; themselves.

The turnover in volunteers is becoming faster each year. This is wonderful, though some coordinators really get stressed over this situation, often called attrition. We here at Fourteen Pines call it relationships and lives, outside the low-income community.

Janice Berry, Julie Jankowski, Becky Fisk, Laurie Butler have all just been awarded and recognized for their community service here at Fourteen Pines; by the Oregon Multifamily Housing / Housing and urban Development office in Portland. However, this is not an individual effort, or even a small group effort. Nearly everyone at Fourteen Pines contributes in some way.

Our goal is to establish four more centers with kids clubs by the end of 2005.