Daily Point of Light # 2853 Jan 11, 2005

Hundreds of volunteers devote their time and energy to the children of Las Vegas and have done so for the last 10 years through the Greater Las Vegas After-School All-Stars/ Inner-City Games. During the 2002-2003 season alone, dedicated volunteers logged almost 5,000 hours to serve more than 6,500 area youth. These service hours took place between the months of March through August.

The volunteers in this program are extraordinary. During the many sporting and cultural arts activities, they are there to let each and every child participate and know how important they are. The volunteers do this by building self-esteem with encouraging words, skill building techniques and being the extra eyes and ears for the organization’s limited staff.

Without the volunteers, the Greater Las Vegas After-School All-Stars/Inner-City Games organization could not exist. Volunteers perform jobs that include, but are not limited to, coaching assistants, staff support during the games, office support, special events and fundraising. The organization asks a great deal from the volunteers, and the volunteers always gladly accept the challenge.

Serving in this capacity is not an easy job for the volunteers. They are interacting with youth whose needs are great. These children are exposed to frighteningly dangerous choices. Many times these young people feel angry and forgotten in this world. Reaching out to them takes patience and compassion. The volunteers have the ability to break down the walls the youth have raised for protection. They also understand that the young people must feel needed and “worth” their attention.

The volunteers are priceless and their service and time cannot be measured. Their patience, dedication and kind words go a long way to show the sometimes forgotten children of Las Vegas that they are special. These volunteers are there for the youth week after week to help the staff continue its mission to provide positive choices and opportunities for the youth of their city.