Daily Point of Light # 2250 Sep 18, 2002

Frank Barker served in a volunteer capacity in 1989 as the President of HabiJax, the Jacksonville, Florida affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and was the Volunteer Coordinator on the first home that HabiJax ever built. He has worked with various volunteer committees throughout the past nine years.

Under Barker’s direction, HabiJax has been the number one Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the nation, out of over 1,600 affiliates, in the number of homes built starting in 1997 to the present. HabiJax showed a 40% increase in home production from 1997 to 2000. Plans to continue to build at a 54% increase have begun with goals of 202 homes in 2002, 303 homes in 2003, 404 homes in 2004 and 505 homes in 2005.

Barker has been responsible in developing relationships with hundreds of local corporations, churches and civic groups to partner with HabiJax through the years. He has also been instrumental in acquiring thousands of dollars in cash, materials and in-kind donations from within the Jacksonville community to support HabiJax home construction.

A historic habitat event occurred two years ago when HabiJax built 200 homes in 2000 with 101 homes being built in 17 days. Nearly 10,000 hands helped out during weeks of 10 to 12 inches of rain.

HabiJax has now built over 850 homes in Jacksonville since being founded in 1989 and will complete its 1,000th home by the end of the year.

Frank Barker and his wife, Sharon, have been serving as volunteers on the HabiJax Family Selection Committee since 1989 and have interviewed hundreds of prospective HabiJax families. Barker has also been instrumental in developing HabiJax’s Building on Faith efforts that has grown to include the participation of nearly 100 Jacksonville churches.