Daily Point of Light # 2249 Sep 17, 2002

Nonprofit Financial Center (NFC) strives to strengthen the viability of communities by enhancing the financial stability and management capacity of the nonprofits, individuals and organizations that support those communities. NFC provides a comprehensive range of financial support to community-based organizations in need.

Founded as a $20,000 dollar a year project, NFC has become an independent nonprofit, managing more than $3 million in assets. NFC’s financial supports are now available nationally. The Center has grown from one part-time administrator to employ eight full-time, three part-time and eight contract employees. NFC’s executive director, Delena Wilkerson, has led the organization for 19 of its 20 years. NFC’s CFO, Dottie Johnson, has 15 years of dedicated service.

The Center’s 20 years of achievement includes distribution of over $20 million dollars in working capital financing to nonprofits, direct financial management training and supportive services provided to more than 850 nonprofit organizations nationwide and direct engagement with more than 4,500 nonprofit leaders around responsible financial management for nonprofits. NFC continues to elevate its presence in the nonprofit sector through an informative website, – realizing 1.8 million points of contact this fiscal year.

Without NFC’s emergency loans and financial triage services, many nonprofits would have closed their doors – depriving community residents of vitally needed services. NFC meets the financial management needs of nonprofit and faith-based organizations of all sizes, from new emerging groups to 100-year-old social service agencies. The average NFC client is a nonprofit between 11 and 20 years old with a budget of just over one million dollars. NFC partners with local foundation and corporate donors to ensure that its services remain affordable for the nonprofit sector and to create scholarship funds for services.

NFC builds community by focusing its efforts on a vastly underserved market – nonprofit organizations nationwide. Nonprofit organizations continue to meet the critical needs of the most vulnerable citizens – impacting the lives of many children, seniors and low and moderate-income families. In turn, NFC continues to meet the vital financial management needs of these same nonprofits in increasing numbers. The demand for NFC services has never been higher.