Daily Point of Light # 3073 Nov 15, 2005

Gamma Beta Phi is a great example of what a student organization can contribute to our community. Service is part of their mission but they are not actually a service organization.

Gamma Beta Phi has really come out of their shell during the last few years. This year they have helped to co-sponsor two of our project Impacts, which is a movie, a speaker, and a community service project. One of the newest areas that they are working on with the GIVE Center is that they are the sponsoring organization for the annual 30 Hour Famine. They have taken a leadership role and expanded this awareness event into a very educational and eye-opening experience for our students. In the past, the 30 Hour Famine has had about 10-20 students involved and this year Gamma Beta Phi’s goal is to have at least 50 students involved with this event. They would like to raise over $1500 to send to World Vision to help feed starving children. This year during the 30 Hour Famine they have included going to work at a food shelter or food pantry as part of this event to help the students understand hunger in Central Georgia and not just to think about it in third world country.

This year the GIVE Center is also nominating Gamma Beta Phi for Outstanding Service to the Community for their volunteer efforts and their contributions to the campus and larger community. This year Gamma Beta Phi has also been recognized as Volunteers for the day during Volunteer Appreciation Month, which is April. They also have students that are going to get an invitation to be part of the Platinum Touch, which is an Honorary Service Organization that is going to be started on our campus this spring.

Last year, Gamma Beta Phi, along with a few of its members, earned the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award. A person earns this award by performing over 100 volunteer hours within a 12-month period and a group earns this award by performing over 200 hours within a 12-month period with each contributing member having done at least 25 of those volunteer hours.