Daily Point of Light # 3072 Nov 14, 2005

The Regal Swan® is a team of volunteer researchers who, in 1999, set out to provide veterinarians and swan keepers with current information regarding the humane treatment and veterinary medical care of captive swans. The team was the first to write a book on the care of captive swans, titled,”Swan Keeper’s Handbook: A Guide to the Care of Captive Swans,” by Krieger Publishing in 2003.

Since the organization’s inception, the project has grown to more than 25 team members, comprised of veterinarians, educators, photographers and other professionals based throughout the nation. However, the majority of the team’s research has been conducted at Orange Lake Resort & Country Club in Orlando, Florida and Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida. The Regal Swan® team has completed an exceptional amount of work through its research in a very short amount of time, with limited funds.

The research team was the first to successfully vaccinate captive swans against the deadly botulism toxin and West Nile Virus using titre testing to prove the success of the vaccines. The team also proved that the West Nile Virus vaccine does not cause anemia in the swans. Utilizing DNA sequencing, the group helped link a protozoan that affects both humans and swans while identifying water as the vector for infection. Using data garnered during the research, team members developed and implemented a science, math and reading curriculum, K-12 and Adult, for educators.

Recently, the team helped identify bacteria as the leading cause of swans turning pink in Cork, Ireland. The team has also successfully composted swan manure into a fertilizer product named, “L’essence of Swan®.”

This exceptional group of individuals has volunteered its time and efforts to provide quality veterinary medical care for captive swans, while encouraging children and adults to pursue careers in reading, math and science. For more information on this innovative project, please go to: