Daily Point of Light # 3012 Aug 22, 2005

George began volunteering at this hospital in 1980. Using skills developed in his career, George has been the answer to multiple needs in our hospital community.

Most recently, George demonstrated innovation in his capacity as Treasurer of the volunteer-managed gift shop. Our chairperson fell ill,and we have no replacement. George’s knowledge and ability to creatively work with others has kept us afloat and kept the doors open.

As the Timekeeper for volunteer service hours, George is in tune with the 160-member volunteer staff. Our records are always in order, complete and on time. One thing that particularly impresses me is his willingness to update to computerized spreadsheets. He is still on this educational course, building computer skills and adding to our efficiency.

As Volunteer Board Historian, George works with his wife Verla, to compile an annual historical record of the Auxiliary and its members. He photographs volunteer activities, sharing them with others and creating beautiful history books that are a treasure to those dedicated volunteers whose life and service have been captured within the pages.

In addition, George demonstrates remarkable service as a leader by performing beyond his job descriptions. Recently, George served on a task force. George represented our male volunteer staff, and proved instrumental in successfully implementing a uniform change in January 2004. His example and presence in this traditionally female organization has contributed to other quality gentlemen joining our auxiliary, and assuming leadership roles.

The title “gentleman” perfectly describes the tenderness, concern and exemplary service given by this man over the years. I doubt there is any service that could be asked of him that he would refuse. Perhaps the most important aspect of George’s commendable service is that very special connection with his chaming wife, Verla. Referring back to his now yellowed 23-year old application, George specified, “I will be happy to accept any volunteer assignment available where I may serve with my wife.” they have been married for 62 years. Both have continually served at this facility since that time, and today, they still arrive and depart together.

George is the hospital treasure. He is a deeply spiritual, humble gentleman who seeks no recognition for himself, but gladly gives it to others. He is the type of genuine person who reflects the saying, “good people beget good people.” he has influenced all of us to be better. When asked what feeds his volunteer spirit, George Explained, “It is important to seek God’s Kingdom in our everyday lives. Volunteering may require some sacrifice, but it feeds the soul.”