Daily Point of Light # 3011 Aug 19, 2005

Stephanie enjoys competitive sports. They are exciting and challenging to her. Pole vaulting, jumping hurdles, and playing basketball are some of her favorites. Sports, academics and volunteer activities for church and school help her stay focused. She likes to show other students that drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not the recipe for fun. The formula for success is participation in school, church and community programs to help others.

University of North Texas offers the perfect program for her because she would like to earn a Bachelor’s degree and become a teacher of health and a coach for basketball or track. She looks forward to becoming a teacher and coach so that she can encourage and teach students. There is an obesity epidemic in the United States and she believes that every person needs to help America get fit. Many students don’t know that nutrition and regular exercise can keep them healthy.

She have participated and volunteered to help her school, church and neighborhood. Two of her favorite activities occurred on Super Bowl Sunday. The day included a youth led church service and watching the football game. Being an officer of the youth group, she participate in Habitat for Humanity, mission trips, food and clothing collections and other events. She was the lead coordinator for the youth led worship service that morning. The program included a praise band, youth choir, speakers, video presentations and a sermon. It was a very successful event with fifty-nine students participating. Also, the congregation responded with over $600 for charity. Every student did a wonderful job.