Grace Woodford

Daily Point of Light # 5944 Feb 24, 2017

Grace Woodford has been a faithful volunteer at the SECU Family House for almost five years and helps out once at the beginning of the week to prepare and clean the house for its guests. She makes sure the Family House starts off the week on the right foot and gets everything done with a cheerful personality. Grace is so effective in completing her tasks well that the Family House affectionately calls her their “ninja volunteer.” She is a solid rock on Monday morning and her service averages 150 hours a year. Her consistency and positive attitude help the house function at its best, and she even has a special green thumb that allows her to care for the greenery and keep the house looking its best. Grace is a dutiful and efficient in her volunteer work and a positive light for those that are in the SECU Family House, whether guests, staff, or volunteers.

Jia Gayles