Greenfield Tri-County Neighborhood Watch-

Daily Point of Light # 4122 Nov 20, 2009

The Greenfield Tri-County Neighborhood Watch serves to assist law enforcement and the citizens of the community in the reporting of criminal activities and unsafe activities. Because the community is unable to financially support the law enforcement officers needed, the volunteers of the neighborhood watch fill the need to have more eyes and ears watching for crime, so that law enforcement can make the best with the resources they posses.

The Greenfield Tri-County Neighborhood Watch is a group of volunteers who conduct patrol around the city in order to observe and report crime and act as a deterrent to those who will stop their illegal activities when they know they are being watched. Watch members give of their time, skills, and financial resources to keep this Watch alive. Members routinely go out in all types of weather and hours of the day in order to reclaim their city for the honest citizens of the community. It is a common sight to see members of this Watch walk for five or six miles, across the whole city in order to ensure its safety.

The increased pressure that has been put on the criminal element has improved the community around Greenfield. When criminals cannot operate as freely as they desire, that benefits everyone. Every crime that is stopped makes a difference in some life. Greenfield is safer as a result of the Watch. That is why the volunteers in the Greenfield Tri-County Neighborhood Watch are Daily Points of Light.