Leadership 101 Class

Daily Point of Light # 4123 Nov 23, 2009

There is no recycling center in the city of Gypsum, KS, so Southeast of Saline High School is supporting recycling in the area to reduce the amount of waste produced in the district.

The FCCLA members in the Leadership 101 class at Southeast of Saline High School started a project of Going Green in 2006. The Leadership 101 class is responsible for recycling paper and working to get energy efficient light bulbs in the school. They distributed cardboard boxes in classrooms so students and staff members could throw their paper away instead of throwing it in the trash cans. Monthly, the organizations collect the paper and Kathy Smith, one of the school’s bus drivers, volunteers to take it to a recycling center in Salina, KS.

As an impact of the Going Green Project, the group was invited to share their project in the Kansas Distance Learning Week and in two Green Summits around the state, sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education and The Going Green Initiative. The class has helped the community through reducing the amount of trash produced in their district through recycling and giving them an option to reuse paper and newspaper instead of throwing it in the landfills. They also help to save energy so it can be used in other needs. The group feels it is important to be environmental friendly and teach the students how to act correctly to change the next generations and the world for the better. This is why the members of the Leadership 101 class at Southeast of Saline High School are Daily Points of Light.