Harris Corporation

Daily Point of Light # 3608 Dec 3, 2007

When it comes to impacting lives, certain words hold strong emotions, meanings and can change our way of looking at life, people and causes. Harris Corporation of Melbourne, FL has made the words “affect” and “effect” words of great importance to the Space Coast Early Intervention Center and to the United States.

Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government, defense and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. They are focused on the practical application of leading-edge technologies. A few of Harris’ products include video infrastructure and digital media equipment, satellite antennas, secure tactical radios and networking systems, wireless equipment, avionics and information technology and technical services. Harris is the largest private-sector employer in Brevard County, FL.

Harris Corporation was founded in 1895 as the Harris Automatic Press Company. The next 60 years they grew into broadcasting and typesetting. In 1967, they merged with Radiation, Inc. of Melbourne, FL., a developer of antenna, integrated circuit, and modem technology used in the space race. The printing operations were sold off in 1983 and are now known as Lanier Worldwide. More recently, it provides hardware necessary for radio stations to broadcast high definition. Harris RF Communications Division provides secured wireless communications to America’s military and law-enforcement officials.

Howard Lance, the current chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Harris Corporation, and his staff have the awesome responsibility of effecting thousands of lives of his employees and the community along with global decisions affecting the space industry, third world countries and on the home front, the safety of our soldiers and homeland security.

Though, little known to the great world outside of Melbourne, FL; Harris’ affects and effects have caused great change in a little known school called the Space Coast Early Intervention Center (SCEIC). SCEIC’s mission is to be the community’s premier nonprofit center for the support, care and maximum development of young children challenged by disabilities and their typically developing peers, serving also as a leading demonstration site and training center for future educators, nurses and parents.

Harris Corporation sand its employees have donated their time, manpower and money to support the beginnings of lives at SCEIC, who will one day become our working population influencing the next generation of space travelers, world leaders, doctors, legislators and especially moms and dads.

As an avid supporter of SCEIC for many years, Harris recently challenged Melbourne businesses and community to raise $100,000 and they would match it. They shared their vision of a 15,000 sq. ft. developmental center for the children and spurred the start of a capital campaign that raised over 1.5 million dollars towards a goal of $3 million. Without leaders like Harris affecting people to be involved, challenging diverse groups to help raise community awareness of SCEICs needs, the effect of a new school for children would have only been a dream but is now a reality.