Kaitlyn Chana

Daily Point of Light # 3609 Dec 4, 2007

Kaitlyn Chana is the Founder and President of Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc. which is a non-profit national organization whose mission is to create positive and inspirational homemade cards for children with life-threatening illnesses. Each card is unique because it is created by hand using stamps, stickers, scrapbook paper and art supplies. Inside each card a positive uplifting inspirational message such as "Sending You A Great Big Hug," "You Shine Like a Star" or "Believe In Yourself" is written to give children faith, courage and the will to survive. Bringing smiles to children's faces is her mission. Once the cards are created, Kaitlyn hand delivers some of the cards to children with life-threatening illnesses in hospitals and organizations such as Give Kids the World. Other cards are sent with love through the mail to children with life-threatening illnesses to lift their spirits. Kaitlyn's motto is: Sick children need more than medicine; they need love and support from their families, friends and Love Letters "Pen Pals." To date, Kaitlyn's organization has impacted over 9,000 children and their families by creating homemade cards.

Given the opportunity to make a difference in her community in January 2005 through an eighth grade assignment called "Promote the Common Welfare", Kaitlyn knew she wanted to touch the lives of children throughout the United States, so she contacted Linda Bremner, the Founder of Love Letters, Inc. After several phone conversations and boxes of cards and gifts sent to Linda, she encouraged Kaitlyn to start a Love Letters chapter. Linda told Kaitlyn, "It only takes one person to move a mountain and then others will follow." Kaitlyn didn't know exactly what Linda meant at the time, but she wrote Linda's beautiful quote in her book. Later, when she received an e-mail from Linda's friend saying Linda passed away and at her request the national organization, Love Letters Inc., was closed, Kaitlyn's hands gravitated to Linda's quote and then she realized what the quote meant. Kaitlyn wanted to move the mountain to help children going through the difficult times of treatments and surgeries. She took the initiative to carry on Linda's legacy by encouraging others to create positive and inspirational homemade cards for children with life-threatening illnesses through Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc. Kaitlyn encourages other teens to start chapters in their hometowns. Currently, she is helping 35 individuals in 19 states to implement Love Letters chapters in their schools and hometowns.

Since creating her first card, Kaitlyn has spent 869 hours creating cards, hosting card making parties, helping others implement Love Letters chapters, and her favorite activity, visiting children with life-threatening illnesses to help brighten their day. Kaitlyn doesn't receive a stipend or salary for her volunteer work; her love of helping children comes from the heart. Kaitlyn has been very fortunate to receive donations to help purchase card making supplies, note cards, envelopes and stamps.