Henry McGrath

Daily Point of Light # 3636 Jan 10, 2008

Henry McGrath makes volunteering a priority. Daily much of his time is spent serving others. Because he has such a wide scope of service, it is hard to place his volunteer work into a couple "buckets."

Henry has volunteered to teach the poor how to budget and repair credit, has helped to raise over $850,000 for child cancer research, and has worked with child trauma victims. He is a life counselor for the blind and disabled, teaches the public to express themselves and exercise the First Amendment through public access to, supports fathers groups, teaches how to start your own small business to teenagers assists victims of child sexual abuse and is a member of Protect.org. In addition, Henry campaigns for missing children ,networks artists, musicians and writers to work together for support, led peace marches in Northern Ireland, works with Veterans, has recognized people who are volunteers from all walks of life through the issuance of the President's Volunteer Service Award, assists in the protection of animals and works with troubled animals.

He is director of the Freedom Action League and Voices of the People and is a member of Ancient Order of Hibernians, USA Freedom Corps, Citizens Corps, American Red Cross, Protect.Org, Fulton County Health Disaster Preparedness Team and a host of other positive groups.