Hillcrest Thrift Shop Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 5525 Jul 20, 2015

Platte County, Missouri is a community stricken with homelessness. With the average age of homelessness in the state being 7 years old, and within the county there being a 7.4% poverty level, Platte county and its surrounding area has been calling out for immediate assistance.

Hillcrest has answered the call.

Hillcrest Platte County created to bring about this urgent need for change, is committed to helping the homeless establish a new life. In exchange for shelter, honest, hardworking families are required by written agreement, to find full-time employment, obey program guidelines and attend weekly volunteer-taught classes. These classes cover an array of topics, such as life skills, employment, community living and budgeting, all essential for a productive citizen.

Though Hillcrest has provided a platform needed to transform these families, the magnitude of change wouldn’t at all be possible if it wasn’t for the efforts of countless volunteers. This is evident in the Hillcrest Thrift Shops.

Home to several hundred volunteers, the two Hillcrest Thrift Shops, one located in South Platte and the other in Platte City, have become centerpieces of the community

“I find it a privilege managing this amazing group of volunteers,” says Cindy Hoffecker, an Assistant Manager overseeing the Thrift Shops. “Everyday they provide opportunities to each other and to our residents to experience our mission first-hand

Started in 2008, The Hillcrest Thrift Shop was initially created to house a surplus of donations. Now, with two stores, the Thrift Shops have become a vital part of Hillcrest’s operations.

 Hillcrest Thrift Shops have grown in revenue each year, and has about 400 volunteers giving back each month. From retirees to children, whether court-ordered or school sanctioned, people from all walks of life has helped the thrift shops thrive.

Dev Staff