Holly Thomas

Daily Point of Light # 3850 Nov 5, 2008

Holly Thomas has devoted countless hours of her personal time forging stronger bonds between the Korean and American cultures through a number of volunteer activities. Holly emphasized to others the importance of good community relations and strived to portray the United States and the United States Army as a companion of South Korea.

Her selfless dedication and efforts included getting soldiers involved in a number of community activities. Holly frequently volunteers at local Orphanages, including the Haesimwon Children’s Orphanage. She dedicated time to plan, coordinate and arrange for soldiers of the battalion to attend the Orphanage and participate in a clean-up day and to play with the children.

Her efforts were recognized by the orphanage staff and once again served to strengthen the ROK/US alliance. During the Holiday Season (2005, 2006, and 2007) Holly planned and executed the Haesimwon Children’ s Orphanage Christmas Party in which soldiers brought gifts to the needy children, ensured that the children enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and felt needed and cared for.

For the past two years, Holly has been host to three Korean Students during the USFK God Neighbor English Camp, and remains in contact with those students. Holly dedicated a great deal of time with the 501st BDE Korean Augmentees to the United States Army (KATUSA) Soldiers during preparation for the 2007 KATUSA Friendship Week Talent Show, in which American and Korean soldiers came together to perform. Holly volunteered to be the Battalion point of contact for the Seobingo Elementary School English Class support, in which soldiers of the battalion and brigade visit school to teach children English and share American cultural aspects weekly, her participation ensures a better understanding of both cultures, and improves ROK/US relations, not just now, but for future generations to come. Holly began volunteering at the Daejon Animal Shelter to assist in the care and adoption efforts of over 150 animals. Most recently Holly single-handedly planned an Easter celebration for the Children at Haesimwon Orphanage in which the children had an Easter egg hunt and painted Easter eggs. This showed the children how Americans celebrate this holiday and broadened cultural understandings. Holly has always made it a priority to volunteer her time towards the Korean and American communities and has bridged the gap between two very different cultures.

Holly is fine representative of the United States and the United States Army and her personal contributions have created a very tangible and lasting impacting on both Nations. Her actions were more than warrant her recognition and serves as the model for all soldiers, DA civilians and Army family members to emulate.