Doug Singleton

Daily Point of Light # 3849 Nov 4, 2008

Doug Singleton and the Miracle League of Montgomery are connected hand-in-hand. Without Doug there would be no Miracle League as we know it today.

Doug brought the Miracle League to Montgomery. He has worked tirelessly, year-after-year, giving his heart and soul to help others less fortunate who are mentally and/or physically challenged to be all that they could be and to experience life to the fullest through physical activity.

Many of these physically and mentally challenged children and adults may never have the ability to win first place in regular competition. Because of Doug Singleton and his contributions through the Miracle League, these children and adults will feel the joy of jubilation when they hit a ball from their wheelchair and when a blind child runs the bases to experience their first homerun. I challenge anyone watching these participants not to feel God’s love from this expression and the love given to these children by Doug Singleton and the many volunteers that Doug has recruited in helping their loving parents and caregivers give them their moment in the sun. Doug Singleton is a unique individual. He doesn’t have a child who is handicapped and who needed a place a place to play. In fact, he was a star baseball player at Huntington College when he was first moved to help handicapped children.

Without fanfare, Doug Singleton has continued to improve the Miracle League field by promoting fundraisers and giving speeches to anyone who would listen to convince people to support building a safe place to place for our communities physically and mentally challenged children.