Meredith Rowe

Daily Point of Light # 3848 Nov 3, 2008

Meri has dedicated herself to assisting and befriending the children, parents and staff at Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN.

Certainly in and of itself, this is not uncharted waters for many community servants, but what sets Meri apart from others is her commitment to those in need at such a young age. Starting her freshman year in high school, Meri has spent four years preparing monthly meals for the families at the Ronald McDonald House.

As she has visited and grown to know countless families and staff members who have called Ronald McDonald House home for various periods of their lives. Meri has developed an understanding of the subtle and often overlooked needs of not only children but parents as well.

Over the past Holiday season, Meri acted with remarkable acumen as she not only donated gifts for the children but answered the needs of the children by donating gifts for the children to give to their parents.

Though Meri has volunteered in numerous capacities for numerous causes through her communities, her determination to put a smile on the weary and anguished faces of parents struggling to find an answer for their children or touch the hands of a frightened and confused child not knowing what their future hold is a testament to the impact she has on the lives of her fellow man. Meri possesses a compassionate wisdom beyond her years and her humble yet altruistic nature has served and will continue to serve her community for years to come.