Howard Zhang

Daily Point of Light # 5978 Apr 13, 2017

In volunteerism, there is no such thing as a small action. Everything someone does to better a community always has a large impact in so many ways. 17-year-old Howard Zhang stands by this, and hopes to one day do more.

“I believe the small things we do now will translate to a major impact later,” said Howard.

A junior in high school, Howard started volunteering two years ago when he recognized the need to help the homeless in his community. He reached out on his own to companies and manufacturers willing to donate products to those in need, and from that, he obtained 960 pairs of socks to give out which sparked his total involvement in volunteering.

Howard ultimately created an organization called “Here2Assist” to advertise a healthy lifestyle and to set a positive example for the community.

“Our mission is to impact and improve the hygienic conditions of those in need,” said Howard.

The organization consists of him and a group of peers spending time assembling care packages for those in need, with items like seasonal clothing, first aid supplies, and a booklet of locations in the area where people can seek help. They later distribute the supplies firsthand to people in their community.

Here2Assist has accumulated around $11,520 worth of donated items, and even with their focus on their immediate community, they also connect with volunteer organizations overseas. The group reached out during the height of the refugee crisis to donate to organizations like World Relief and ended up giving 480 pairs of socks to Syrian refugees.

At the core, Howard wants to continue to extend his volunteerism while encouraging others to do so as well to make the world a better place.

Jia Gayles