Jack Lewis

Daily Point of Light # 3687 Mar 21, 2008

Holly Community Inc.’s (HCI) mission is to promote access to community resources and support for people with disabilities and their families by offering choices which preserve dignity and increase independence for an improved quality of life. Jack Lewis strives every day of his life to enhance the lives of others. This is evident through the work he does in the community.

Jack has supported HCI with his time as a volunteer for more than 30 years. He claims that he “just likes to help people” that are less fortunate than himself. He realizes how lucky he is to have two healthy children and says it makes him stop and think about how fortunate we are when you work with people who are disabled. Jack has helped with the coordination of HCI’s many fundraising and special activities. He is influential in securing in-kind gifts, volunteers and cash donations. He expresses very compassionately his commitment to people with disabilities and it shines in his one-on-one relationships.

In addition to his volunteer work with HCI, Jack currently holds many volunteer positions within the VFW. As the Chairman of the Military Assistance Program, he works to ensure our military personnel and their families are aware of the program and ask for assistance when they need it. Jack believes it is all about the soldiers knowing their families are being cared for. Also, Jack‘s service on the Wicomico County War memorial Commission helps to ensure the veterans receive the proper respect and services they deserve. Because of his dedicated and outstanding service with the National Guard, he was recognized by the White House with an invitation to meet with President Bush regarding the Iraq war issues and veterans concerns.

Jack assisted his local Easter Seals with their Annual Softball Challenge Tournament and has participated in the March of Dimes Walk America for more than 25 years. He is always looking for ways to promote the organization through his endeavors.

Jack is a well-rounded volunteer with many resources at his fingertips. Many people have said, “If there’s a way, Jack will find it.” He has offered his talents of networking and getting the job done to many organizations over the years outside of his commitment to HCI. Jack received the 2007 Frank H. Morris Humanitarian Award from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland for his more than 30 years of championing the cause of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families.