Jack O’Hara

Daily Point of Light # 4559 Jul 28, 2011

Jack O’Hara is one of the dedicated volunteers who understand the Maryland Food Bank’s mission: to lead the movement and nurture the belief that together we can improve the lives of Marylanders by ending hunger.

Since the opening of the new Community Kitchen in July 2010, Jack has become a dependable and experienced volunteer understanding how the many pieces of machinery work together for the food packaging process. He is a valued leader and provides daily training to the dozens of individuals and corporate groups who volunteer each week.

Newly retired, he works 4 – 5 days a week for over 6 hours per day coordinating the food packaging of “heat and serve” meals for hungry families. These meals are distributed to a network of 600 soup kitchens, food pantries and feeding programs across the state of Maryland.

Jack is the ideal volunteer, he is enthusiastic each day he arrives and flexible in the daily projects which need to be completed. He values the Food Bank as much as they value him, he never leaves until the job is done and even volunteers extra hours to make sure incoming groups have a correct understanding of the process.