Jacque Isome

Daily Point of Light # 3522 Aug 3, 2007

Jacque Isome is a valuable asset to many of the residents in the senior community and takes on many tasks to help others live life to the fullest. Jacque believes in giving back and though she has had some trials in her life, she still makes the time to help others in her community.

Jacque is known to most residents of the River Ridge Apartment community. She should have her own business because she works very hard; however, as a volunteer, she operates an unofficial shuttle service. Jacque takes the time to carry her community members on necessary errands. You may find them at the grocery store, doctor’s appointments or the pharmacy. This service is essential to the River Ridge community so they can take care of their daily needs.

Jacque also serves at the hospital. She has been volunteering there for the past 17 years as an advocate for people who are about to undergo surgery. Jacque listens to patients’ concerns and fears. She has been a tremendous help to the staff at the hospital and because of Jacque’s volunteer time, they are able to work more effectively.

Jacque lends a hand whenever she can. She goes out of her way to provide needs in the community to seniors who are sometimes overlooked by others. Whenever she has the time or resources, Jacque is willing to share them to help someone else.