Daily Point of Light # 2631 Mar 5, 2004

Domestic abuse has been in the forefront of our society during the past decade; however, what is not publicized is that it does happen to men. According to the latest published survey of US couples, two million men a year are severely assaulted by their spouse or mates.

Men have been told that they cannot leave the family, even if there is abuse, because they are abandoning their responsibility. Many men stay in abusive relationships because they feel they can act as a protector for the children from possible abuse. They also stay because they assume the legal system will not grant them custody because they are a man. They also fear that visitation in the hands of a controlling spouse will never be easy, and they may not see their children again.

There are 24-hour crisis lines and shelters available for women experiencing domestic violence, but there are hardly any such services available for men in the United States. Jade Rubick created and founded a nonprofit organization, Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE). This organization provides resources and services for those who are dealing with domestic violence. SAFE is an international organization with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Rubick started SAFE in 1996 as a grassroots organization and it received its 501(c)(3) federal status in the beginning of 2001. He developed SAFE after experiencing first hand the lack of services to underserved victims of domestic violence crime in the arenas of law enforcement, health care providers, social service and other domestic violence intervention programs.

He looked to make it as easy as possible for service providers to expand their services to other victims. Through Mr. Rubick’s efforts and support, SAFE now provides a myriad of services. They provide Professional Trainings and Presentation through the SAFE Speakers Bureau, Brochures for the underserved DV groups, on-line resource lists and direct services such as court advocacy, support groups, hotlines and community resources.

SAFE has served tens of thousands of people since its inceptions. Mr. Rubick has let men throughout the world no they are not alone and not to keep silent. He has also created The Stop Abuse For Everyone website at www.safe4all.org. This site has a list of resources that indicates what kinds of help are available in various areas in addition to an on-line support and discussion group.